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A Quick Primer On The European Super League (ESL)

The European Super League (ESL) seems to be real. Twelve of Europes biggest clubs have conspired and now set in motion a breakaway league. Here is a quick primer of what we know about the ESL so far: 

What is the European Super League (ESL)?

A statement from the European Super League said: “Twelve of Europe’s leading football clubs have today come together to announce they have agreed to establish a new mid-week competition, the Super League, governed by its Founding Clubs.”

“It is anticipated that a further three clubs will join ahead of the inaugural season, which is intended to commence as soon as practicable.”

The league will be governed by its founding clubs who are: AC Milan, Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, Chelsea, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur.

Why would these clubs want to break away?

Well, the reason Europe’s elite clubs want to break away from their respective domestic leagues is because of one reason and one only.

Here is a clue: the word starts with the letter ‘M’ and rhymes with money. 


The pandemic has hit Europes biggest clubs in the pocket. They feel this is a way to recoup the money lost and also make a lot more of it in the future.

Barcelona are over €1 Billion in debt and Real Madrid’s debt is around €700 million. Initial reports say clubs in the ESL will make around €300 million per season. 


Jose Mourinho Replies To Paul Pogba’s Comments: “I Would Like To Say I Couldn’t Care Less With What He Says.”

What has the reaction by football’s governing bodies been?

FIFA, UEFA and other football governing have condemned the breakaway movement. 

FIFA said: “As previously announced by FIFA and the six Federations, the clubs concerned will be banned from playing in any other competition at domestic, European or world level, and their players could be denied the opportunity to represent their national teams.”

Premier League also came out with a statement which read: “The Premier League condemns any proposal that attacks the principles of open competition and sporting merit which are at the heart of the domestic and European football pyramid.

“A European Super League (ESL) will undermine the appeal of the whole game, and have a deeply damaging impact on the immediate and future prospects of the Premier League and its member clubs, and all those in football who rely on our funding and solidarity to prosper.”

What has the reaction by supporters been?

Some supporters expressed their excitement on seeing their club play the best teams in Europe week-in, week-out. But the majority of the response has been negative. A common consensus amongst supporters on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube is the ESL will kill football and this is nothing but a money grab by greedy owners. 

Where are we now?

The Super League clubs have sent a letter to FIFA president Gianno Infantino and UEFA counterpart Aleksander Ceferin stating the ESL has already been underwritten by funding of £3.5 billion from a financial institution. Investment bank JP Morgan have said it is financing the new breakaway competition.

It seems as though the 12 clubs are dead serious. Even after the backlash of the past 24 hours, all 12 “founding clubs” of the European Super League have quit their committee positions with UEFA and the ECA (European Club Association).

This is a major risk these clubs are taking. What if the league gets stale after a few years, the ESL collapses, where will the clubs stand after being booted out of their respective domestic leagues?  Bayern Munich has been tentative whilst Borussia Dortmund and PSG have announced that they are not interested in joining the ESL. 

It seems as of right now it’s a game of chicken and who will have the leverage when all parties involved meet at the negotiating table. 

By Cheez

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Barcelona/Messi Saga – Episode 2: Lionel Messi Has Went From Demanding To Asking Nicely To Leave

It seems as though Lionel Messi has made up his mind. He wants to leave Barcelona and he wants to leave now.

Messi is known for making rash decisions, especially after bad football games. He retired from international football after Argentina lost the Copa America final in 2016 (he unretired soon after). Now Messi asked to leave Barcelona after they lost 8-2 to Bayern Munich in the Champions League quarter-final. On the surface, the decision may seem a bit rash BUT, this time, it’s a bit different.

Messi has beef with Barcelona president Josep Bartomeu and he isn’t keen on new head coach Ronald Koeman.

Last week Messi threw his toys out the pram and demanded a transfer elsewhere. After taking a deep breath and standing in a corner for a few moments, Messi has remembered to say please.


Are We Sure The Signing Of Messi Would Really Be A Good Move For Manchester City? I’m Just Asking…

The internet streets say Lionel Messi has asked the club twice for a friendly exit. He doesn’t want to face a lawsuit against the club he loves. Barcelona sacked their law firm Cuatrecasas for advising Messi on an exit strategy for leaving the club so it seems Lionel Messi has legal options. However, Barcelona are said to legally refute the standing of this claim and they will not allow him to leave the club unless his €700m release clause is activated by another club.

It’s time. It’s time for Barcelona to let go. Lionel Messi will go down as the greatest player to ever wear a Barcelona jersey. They believed in him when he was a 13-year-old pimple-faced teen and he repaid them with all the accolades he has won for them. Why drag this on any longer and get bad press over it?

Barcelona fans will be distraught at the potential of losing the best player on the planet but it may be time for the team to rebuild. This won’t be the last episode in the Messi/Barcelona Saga. Barcelona are going to fight tooth and nail to not let him go.

I’ll keep you posted.

By @chizfootball (the greatest footy journo on the internet)

Would The Signing Of Messi Really Be A Good Move For Manchester City? I’m Just Asking…

I’m sure everybody and their momma has heard Lionel Messi wants out of Barcelona. Word of the internet streets is Manchester City have their gun cocked and loaded, ready to pull the trigger on the transfer of Messi. But, would a move to Manchester be beneficial for both parties? 

Manchester City is a team that underperformed in the 2019/20 Premier League season. Their only achievement was to win the league cup.  Liverpool beat them to the title by 18 points, they got knocked out of the FA Cup by a weak Arsenal team, and they got sent home for the Champions League bubble by Olympique Lyon. 😔


Lionel Messi fax to Barcelona: ‘I want to leave!’

Lionel Messi has demanded a move away from Barcelona. The team that signed him when he was a pre-teen stuffed things up this season. They lost the La Liga title to an average Real Madrid side, hired a coach that was clearly out of depth, and got the tombstone piledriver by Bayern Munich in the Champions. Sorry Barcelona fans I 8-2 to bring that up again. 

An underperforming club and the world’s greatest player who is disillusioned by his current team. It also helps Manchester City is coached by Pep Guardiola. The man who gave Lionel Messi the keys to the Barcelona offence in Pep’s time at the Camp Nou. 

It seems like a match made in heaven right?  

Uhm, I’m not so sure. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Manchester City have enough attacking players, they don’t have a problem scoring they have a problem of keeping them out.
  2. Messi is great but is even better with an offence built around him. Should Guardiola change the way his City team plays to accommodate Messi? 
  3. Messi is going to cost Manchester City, who are already in the UEFA’s Financial Fair Play sleuths radar, a lot of money to sign him. How can they justify the funds especially with coronavirus? 

By @chizfootball (the greatest footy journo on the internet)

Lionel Messi fax to Barcelona: ‘I want to leave!’

There comes a time in everybody’s life when they have to leave the nest and fly away (Unless you are a millennial, of course). It seems as though the time has come for the G.O.A.T. Lionel Messi. Ronald Koeman was announced as Barcelona manager last week and in his first meeting he told Luis Suarez to take a hike and Messi that ‘your privileges in the squad are OVER.

This didn’t sit well with the Messi so he went home, blew the dust and cobwebs off his fax machine and faxed in a transfer request to Barcelona. 


This Week in LaLiga… [27 July 2020]

This act by Messi shouldn’t have come as a surprise. He had been openly irritated at the goings-on in Barca boardroom for a while. He dislikes Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu, he didn’t think highly of now fired head coach Quique Setién, and he thinks his teammates, for a lack of a better word, stink.

Lionel Messi has been carrying this Barcelona team for the past couple of years. He is fed up. In the last couple of months, Messi has threatened to leave if things don’t change. At that time I thought he was bluffing but now I think he is serious. I mean the guy sent a fax. Who sends faxes nowadays???

Ronald Koeman and Messi won’t get along. Koeman is known to be a hard-nosed disciplinarian and Messi likes it when the coaches brown-nose a little bit. At the end of the day, it will be up to Barcelona to let their child go. He has a one year left on his contract. Plus, nobody in their right state of mind will pay his $828 million buy out clause. 

By @cheezfootball (the greatest footy journo on the internet)

Jessica Motaung ‘disappointed’ With Nike Due to Similarities Between Barcelona And Kaizer Chiefs Jerseys

LaLiga’s FC Barcelona released images of their 2020/2021 away jersey on their social media on Friday. This jersey looked terribly familiar to me🤔👀…



Oh yes… I know where I’ve seen it before!, Barcelona’s new away jersey looks exactly like Kaizer Chiefs’ 50th-anniversary jersey:

Kaizer Chiefs’ marketing director, Jessica Motaung, expressed her disappointment at the similarities in the kits. 

“I’ve had several discussions with Nike about it,” Motaung told TimesLIVE.

“Look, we were actually very instrumental in the design of our 50th-anniversary jersey. The chairman [Kaizer Motaung] was very clear about the colours. Because if you remember the chairman had a black jersey with gold that he wore many years ago.

“They had the gold numbers and the things like that. And that design was extremely club-inspired, and we were very specific. Some of the designs that we received were not quite there, and we were clear on the heritage and what we wanted.


6 Questions About The Restart Of The PSL Championship Race

“We were very clear about the importance and magnitude of it, and that it wasn’t a small milestone for us. And we loved what were arrived at, and I appreciate the work that Nike has done.

“I was made aware of the new Barcelona design before it hit the market, and I have to be honest we were surprised.

“Also because of the major outcry for stock that we had [for the 50th jersey]. It should have been produced for a market that was very excited for a 50th jersey.

“And I understand that Nike does projections and they look at past things, but this was a significant milestone that we knew would catapult demand.

“And we were advised about the lack of material that we used for our jersey. So we were surprised when we saw the Barcelona jersey.

“I do know that certain designs will be used again. But the timing was also very soon.”

Let me let you know my feelings about this upfront: Nike was wrong for doing this. 😔

Sports apparel corporations are known to recycle kit designs and release them as brand new in other markets. The logistics of designing a different jersey for every club around the world, every year, is impractical. However, in this situation, if we take Jessica’s word for it, this would mean Kaizer Chiefs basically designed the jersey themselves.

Kaizer Chiefs highlighted the magnitude and significance of the jersey to Nike. For Nike to use the same exact design for another club a season later is shameful. 

Kaizer Chiefs has a big fan base and their supporters purchase their overly priced jersey’s every season. For Nike to disregard the importance of the club’s 50th-anniversary shows how much they think of Kaizer Chiefs and it’s supporters.


[Podcast] The Soccer Podcast Without A Name (Yet) S01E25



Bongani ‘Da Bongz’ Nkosi and Thabang ‘Da Real Cheez’ Kgeledi discuss this week’s soccer topics.

The Discussion This Week:

1. The PSL Suspend the league until further notice.
2. The shutdown of English football was extended until at least 30 April.
3. Swiss club FC Sion have dismissed eight players without notice.
4. FC Barcelona cut ties with imprisoned Ronaldinho
5. Nigerian John Obi Mikel quits Turkish club over coronavirus fears

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La Liga Thursdays – Matchday 14 Preview

Ten of the top stories from around LaLiga this weekend, including some high-profile contract renewals and some big anniversaries.

LaLiga legend David Villa announces his retirement

One of the all-time LaLiga greats has announced that he’s hanging up his boots. David Villa, who starred for a number of Spanish clubs including R. Sporting, Real Zaragoza, Valencia CF, FC Barcelona and Atletico de Madrid, will retire following the end of Vissel Kobe’s J-League season. Villa won the LaLiga Santander title on three occasions, with Barcelona in 2010/11 and 2012/13, and then again with Atleti in 2013/14.

Five LaLiga players net for Spain

Spain breezed through the first of their November Euro 2020 qualifiers on Friday night with a 7-0 win over Malta in Cadiz. Five of the scorers came from LaLiga Santander clubs, with Alvaro Morata (Atletico de Madrid), Jesus Navas (Sevilla FC), Pau Torres, Santi Cazorla and Gerard Moreno (all Villarreal CF) all getting on the scoresheet.

Luka Modrić is awarded the 2019 Golden Foot

Real Madrid’s mercurial midfielder picked up the prestigious award given out each year to a player over the age of 28 in recognition of their outstanding achievements through their career.

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La Liga Thursdays: The Quickest Goals In La Liga This Season

Spanish football has had its eye on the clock more than usual this season, mostly to see how long it takes Rodrygo Goes to get on the scoresheet. Real Madrid’s 18-year-old sensation is very much the flavor of the month, shining in his first season in La Liga and showing a distinct taste for early goals.

On his LaLiga debut for the club against Osasuna he scored just two minutes after coming on as a substitute (95 seconds, to be precise). On his first LaLiga start, he took just seven minutes to find the back of the net. And just last week, on his first start in the Champions League, the Brazilian struck twice within the first seven minutes of Real Madrid’s impressive 6-0 win over Galatasaray. His first, a well-taken shot from distance into the bottom corner, came after just three minutes.

Known back in his native Brazil as ‘O Raio,’ or ‘Lightning Bolt,’ the Sao Paolo native has wasted no time in living up to his reputation as a scorer of fast goals. But he’s by no means the only player with the ability to strike early on. Here are the four fastest goals of the LaLiga Santander season so far… will we see Rodrygo on this list by the season’s end?

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The Soccer Podcast Without A Name (Yet) S01E08 [Podcast]




Bongani ‘Da Bongz’ Nkosi and Thabang ‘Da Real Cheez’ Kgeledi discuss this weeks soccer topics. But they should hurry because each topic has a time limit.

The Discussion This Week:
1. Sundowns Draw
2. Top of The Table Results
3. Bottom of The Table Results
4. El Clasico
5. Manchester City Go Top
6. Games To Look Forward To
7. Quick Hits

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