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ZoBo Top 3’s: International Goals Of The Week – Neymar’s cool finish, Paul Pogba’s well-placed shot, and Sanchez’ audacious chip


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Monday Football Ramblings – 18 April 2016

The Race for the Barclays Premier League Title: Leicester City drop valuable points with Tottenham still to play.


Leicester City dropped points against West Ham United on Sunday afternoon. This was a topsy-turvy match that saw some bad decisions from the referee, who sent Jamie Vardy off after a second bookable (by his standards) offense.

Should Tottenham win their match away to Stoke tonight they will only be five points behind Leicester with four games to play.

Scrap for the Top Four places: Manchester United relegates Aston Villa (good riddance), Manchester City show why they are in the semi-finals in Europe, and Arsenal keep looking over their shoulder


In another one of those Van Gaal type matches (i.e. boring as hell), Manchester United booted poor ol’Aston Villa out the Premier League with that 1 goal to nil result.

Manchester City made light work of a struggling Chelsea. A lot of graft is going to need to be done by Antonio Conte if he wants to do anything substantial with this Chelsea squad.

They are slow at the back, their midfield and attack don’t exist, and their keeper is awful.

Like Mike N The Mechanics, Arsenal keeps looking over their shoulder because Manchester United are right behind them.

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The Escape from Barcelona

After the draw for the Quarter Finals came out last week, a lot of Barcelona fans had their hands on their heads like;

“ahhhh not these guys again”

Yes, just like that Barcelona fans had predicted Atletico Madrid gave Barcelona a run for their money. Some would say, that if it wasn’t for the senseless red card received by Fernando Torres in the first half, Atletico Madrid may have gotten a result from this fixture.

The Spaniard inexplicably received two yellow cards in space six and minutes, and he did this when his team was in the lead.

May this have been the rush of blood to the head? Maybe

Or was an idiot doing something idiotic? That sounds more like it.

Atletico Madrid Luis Filipe (who has had his fare share of battle with Barcelona attackers) felt Suarez should have been dismissed for kicking out at Juanfran, said: “The sending off is totally unjust and changed the game.

“Barcelona are protected. When you play against them you realise that they are a very powerful club. (Yes, this true)

“You realise the fear when Barcelona could get knocked out. It would hurt UEFA a lot. (Yes, This is true)

“Against Real Madrid, there was a similar moment [from Suarez]. I don’t know what they have to do for someone to send one of them off. (I’d say you’d have to shoot someone’s grandmother in the leg)

“Fernando, two fouls, two cards. The referee has not seen many Madrid-Barcelona derbies. There would be eight red cards.

“I don’t don’t know what [a Barcelona player] has to do to get sent off.

“They sent me off [in La Liga fixture] correctly, but the other team isn’t treated the same. That’s what hurts.”

Besides all the hullaballoo about who got red carded, who didn’t and whose grandmother got shot this was an exhilarating matchup.

Messi, for his standards, was somewhat muted. Iniesta, Neymar and only up until late step up to the plate to get his two crucial goals.

Article by: Thabang Kgeledi @Chiz_ZoBoSportz

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