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Antonio Conte Suing Chelsea Because Of A Broken Heart

Former Chelsea manager Antonio Conte is taking his former employers to court.  The Italian is suing Chelsea for what he terms as damage to his career and loss of future earnings.

Antonio Conte is accusing Chelsea of delaying his sacking and in doing so he also incidentally became the first human being (ever) to articulate such a statement. Conte is questioning why did it take Chelsea 55 days after the last game of the season to pull the trigger on his firing when it seemed like the decision had already been made at end of the campaign.

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ZoBo Four Reasons: Chelsea Have Had Such a Horrid Season

With only five matches remaining this season, it’s safe for us to say Chelsea football club have had a terrible season. Chelsea football club, by their standards, have had a horrible campaign. Come to think of it, Chelsea football  club has actually had an awful 9 months by a lot of team’s standards.

We could blame it all on Jose Mourinho but Chelsea’s problems run deeper than just one manager’s (no matter how bad they may have been) decisions. Here are four why Chelsea had a horrid season;

  1. Chelsea didn’t have a backup to assist Diego Costa


Building a team around one striker is ludicrous. Chelsea found this out the hard way. Costa has been injured for a large chunk of the season which would be okay if they had someone capable enough to replace him.

Loïc Rémy?

Looks short of confidence and looks like he needs a hair stylist more than anything else.

Alexandre Pato?

Chelsea bought Pato in January and he hasn’t done much since then. Hiddink hasn’t given Pato the opportunity plus Alex just doesn’t look up for it.

Radamel Falcao???????


2. Thibaut Courtois

Thibaut Courtois

I hate blaming good goalkeepers because of the deficiencies of their defense. But Thibaut Courtois recently has to shoulder a bit of the blame for some of Chelsea’s important losses. Like 99% of The Blues, the Belgian hasn’t looked like himself lately. Sloppy decisions by Chelsea’s number one has cost them in big games.

…which brings me to…


3. A lack of leadership in the Chelsea defense


You’d expect more from players like John Terry, Branislav Ivanović, Gary Cahill and the other Spanish guy whose name I can’t spell, but they have all been awful.

Disorganized, disjointed, dis-(something else) is how I would describe the Chelsea defense this season. Yes, it did get a little bit better when Guus joined the team. They’ve only lost five games since Hiddink took over, but those five games were against five really good teams who exposed Chelsea for what they truly are, not a good team. The cliché of good attack wins games and a great defense win championships applies here.

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