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World Cup 2018: Group E Last Games Review

With the last fixtures in each group being played this week, the World Cup games are getting a bit more exciting. All the trash teams like Egypt (no offence) who have unnecessarily taken up 90 minutes of our time are being swept aside and the teams we expected to progress are advancing to the round of 16. Let’s review the last games in group E.

Group E

I had Brazil as my favourites to win the World Cup (I hope I didn’t just jinx my prediction by telling you that), this is because they had a very good qualifying campaign and because they are Brazil.

Switzerland have always been a tough team to play against, remember they beat Spain in their first game in the 2010 World Cup so I definitely wasn’t sleeping on them.  Serbia has a few good players but I didn’t expect much from them and I predicted Costa Rica would be the whipping boys of the group.

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Brazilians Urging National Team To Shatter Argentine World Cup Hopes

Brazil supporters have started a campaign on social media for the national team, who have already qualified, to hand Chile a victory in São Paulo to ensure that Argentina misses out on the 2018 World Cup.

Brazilians have taken to social media with the hashtags #EntregaBrasil and #EntregaProChile (entregar in Portuguese means to lose on purpose) to plead with the Seleção to play dead and lose to Chile. The loss would put their rivals Argentina in a sticky qualifying situation which they hope the La Albiceleste can’t worm their way out of.

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Dunga Sacked: Good Riddance

The powers that be at the Brazilian Football Confederation have decided to cut short Dunga’s second spell as manager after The Seleção’s exit from this year’s Copa América Centenario.
I hate to see people lose their jobs but Dunga had to go. Most people ,even those us who don’t pledge allegiance to the Brazilian flag like myself, were relieved when they heard ‘Dopey’ was shown the door. His “none-Brazilian” style of play and his pragmatism bored us to death.

The BFC made a hasty decision reinstate the bullish disciplinarian manager after their embarrassing 7-1 defeat to Germany in last year’s World Cup. The appointment, for a little while, did seem to work. His team went on a 10 game winning streak in their Brazil Annual Tour. But, those matches technically like the Rock would say didn’t matter in the greater scheme of things because they were just friendlies.

ESPN FC’s Jack Lang notes that There was a need for fresh blood after the World Cup, but the turnover in players has been astounding: of the 23 picked by Felipão in 2014, only three made the squad this summer. Compare that to the European elite at Euro 2016: Germany selected 14 of the same players, Italy and Spain 13, France 12. There is a sense that the baby has been thrown out with the bathwater.

After Brazil’s loss to Paraguay in last year’s Copa America, their shaky start in their 2018 World Cup Qualifying campaign, and now this, it was time for the BFC to bring the axe down.
His team selection, team organisation and lack of continuity cost him in the end.

Article by: Thabang Kgeledi @Chiz_Zoboblog

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Dunga’s Brazil Gets Booted Out The Copa America Centenario

Last night (12 June) saw Dunga’s Brazil side controversially get knocked out of the Copa America.

The Uruguayan referee Andres Cunha seemed to have missed a clear handball goal that Diego Maradona and Lennox Lewis would have been proud of by Peru’s Raul Ruidiaz. After the ball went into the back of the net the Brazilian players swarmed the ref claiming that the ball was handled, the referees deliberated for 10 minutes only to make the atrocious decisions stand. Video technology anyone?

The 1-0 loss meant that the Selecao have been booted out of this year’s tournament which also makes this their worst performance in Copa since 1987.

Dunga was less than impressed by the referee’s decision

“I am sure the Brazilian fans saw the game and saw how Brazil was eliminated,”

“There is no way to anticipate imponderables. The team was not eliminated by anything to do with football,”

…he continued his rant,

“I do not quite understand who or what the referee was consulting,”

“It was such a clear handball, but we have no influence over the referee,”

Of course, you don’t Mr. Dunga and it appears as though you have no influence over your team playing good football. Brazil weren’t any good in this tournament apart from their 7-1 thrashing of Haiti who is the worst team in the tournament by quite a margin (sorry my Haitian brothers), they drew their first game 0-0 against Equador when they should have lost if it wasn’t for another bogus referring decision, and they were again shut out by a pretty average Peru side.

Dunga is a man under fire and it came as a surprise at why they hired him for his second spell in the first place after his first was a disaster.

Article by: Thabang Kgeledi @Chiz_Zoboblog

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